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Uzbekistan: a place where one wants to come back again and again

If you are tired of Europe and are craving for new experiences, then the best Uzbekistan tour will be ideal for you. Even through the country is not so popular, it is no less rich in sights!

For recreation here there are beautiful places, cities with a rich history, ancient monuments and ski resorts. In general, Uzbekistan will be to many people's taste.


Uzbekistan is magnificent and inimitable in every manifestation. These are various attractions - ancient palaces, madrassas, minarets, open-air museums, fortresses, behind which there is one more mystery of history. Each region of Uzbekistan is like a separate uncharted world, which we all need to study.

These are a majestic Samarkand, ancient Bukhara and mysterious Khiva. Be sure to visit these places. The atmosphere of these ancient cities is indescribable.

Uzbekistan can rightfully be considered the most charming republic of Central Asia. It was the cradle of many civilizations, was the center of many empires. Here was the famous Silk Road. There are many colorful sights that allow you to get to know the culture of this land.

Tashkent, the capital of the country, was at the intersection of many trade routes, which could not but affect the life and appearance of the city. There are quite a lot of historical monuments. Without fail visit the "eski-shahar" or, in another way, "the old city". This is a small area of ​​Tashkent, which is distinguished by narrow streets, low adobe houses, mosques and madrassas (Muslim schools).


A vivid example of the architecture of Tashkent is the ensemble Sheikhantaur. These are three mausoleums of the XV-XVI centuries with the famous pyramidal dome-shaped domes.

In addition, there are many ancient mosques, temples, madrassas and a convent. It will take more than one day to visit them all,.

Also, tourists will be interested in a number of museums in Tashkent, the residence of Prince Romanov, chimes and a television tower, which is the tallest building in Central Asia.

Besides the capital, it is worth to visit a number of other major cities of Uzbekistan, because they are no less rich in monuments of ancient architecture and attractions.

Samarkand - another city-monument, which is the same age as Rome. The main tourist object of the city is Registan Square. It is surrounded by many beautiful ancient buildings, mausoleums, minarets. It seems that the square itself is a giant exhibition hall. The city has its own distinctive feature: here you will not find the ancient building without a decorative glazed facing. On architectural monuments you will not find the slightest plot without such a decor.


There are also many places in Bukhara that you should visit, traveling around Uzbekistan. Due to a large number of mosques and temples, the city is called "the star of the Islamic world" and "the holy city of Central Asia". In the Middle Ages, there were more than 360 mosques. At the moment, the city has preserved an ancient citadel, 140 Muslim architectural monuments and cozy neighborhoods in the old part of the city.

In Uzbekistan there are many other interesting sights, and a dozen of articles will be not enough to describe them. Therefore, it is worth to visit this amazing country in order to see the history for yourself.

Uzbek cuisine deserves special attention. Uzbek cuisine is not only dishes, but whole rituals for their preparation. Dishes are distinguished by an abundance of meat, and from aromas of spices and seasonings it is impossible to resist!

The main dish of Uzbek cuisine is pilaf. According to traditions, the real pilaf can be cooked only by Uzbeks. Be sure to taste it. In addition, it is worth to eat such traditional dishes as shurpa, buglama, dimlama, manti. These dishes are so delicious that they have long been popular all over the world. But only here you can taste them in the most traditional variant of cooking.

Uzbek pilaf

Also vegetables, fruits and cereals are abundantly added to the dishes, because from time immemorial, Uzbeks were famous for agriculture. Cultured milk foods are used much.

Uzbek cuisine will please the most fastidious gourmets!

Uzbekistan has created excellent conditions for recreational activities such as kayaking and rafting. You can try to conquer the waters of the Syr Darya, Angren or the more dangerous parts of the Chatkal, Ugam and Pskem.

Mountainous areas in the south of Uzbekistan are considered the excellent place for trekking and mountaineering. There are many well-known routes, for example, access to the Peaks of Pobeda (7439 m), Korzhenevskaya (7105 m) and Khan Tengri (6995 m).

Uzbek mountains

Also, nature has created excellent conditions for speleology: there are the deepest caves in Uzbekistan. They are Boy-Bulok and Kievskaya. In the western Tien-Shan you can also see underground rivers and lakes.

It is never a problem to acquire something special in Uzbekistan: merchants always offer the widest range of goods. This feature of the markets has remained in Uzbekistan so far. So shopping is a real pleasure here!

In memory of Uzbekistan, you can buy many interesting handmade souvenirs in the national style; and then in your native country to remember the journey across Uzbekistan.

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